Analytics Portfolio

Analytics Portfolio

o AutoML
AutoML is built by professionals for everyone as a no code platform and aims that anyone can use to build state of the art models from scratch without any prior knowledge.
Current coverage of AutoML includes but not limited to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Predictive Analysis Qualifications.
AutoML Use Cases

o Chatbot
Domain specific Chatbot solution is currently available for HR, Education, E-Commerce, Marketing, Question Answering and Complaint Manager.
Chatbot Use Cases

o Route Optimization
Delivery Management, Inventory Management and Traffic Based Route Prediction for Logistics and E-Commerce.
Route Optimization Use Case

o Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analysis implementation for Credit-Risk Scoring, Pricing, Demand Forecasting, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud & Anomaly Detection, Early Warning System for Finance Industry including Banks and Fin Techs.
Predictive Analytics Use Case

o Search Engine Implementation and Optimization
Tool for Archive search and Query Directed Search
Search Engine Use Cases

o Keyword Extraction
Document Understanding, Document to Keywords, Information Extraction, Text Targeting
Keyword Extraction Use Case

o Streaming Data Clustering
Large Scale Crawling, Real Time Clustering, Segmentation for Search Engines, Media, Finance and Marketing.
Streaming Data Clustering